Karolina Budukeviciute

Costume stylist

Karolina Budukevičiūtė (Photo) - Costume stylist

Karolina Budukeviciute

I started my career as a solo wardrobe and costume stylist in 2013.

Working as a head wardrobe stylist, my major assignments have been in TV commercials and TV shows.

I have gained extensive knowledge working on various prime time TV shows: late night shows, talk shows, talent shows, TV concerts.

My experience additionally includes working at studios on commercial fashion & lifestyle catalogs as a fashion stylist and prop stylist.

I have experience in fashion journalism and have written for several magazines about the latest fashion trends and styling advice.

I am a fashion styling instructor and have developed several program curriculums.

I posses a Master’s Degree in Communication.

Observing the fashion industry from different angles has broadened my view as a selfmade, educated and experienced fashion stylist.